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Die J1 macht London unsicher - reviews and more...

Mittwoch, 14.09.22

London - wonderful, amazing and as varied as the reviews of our participants... but see for yourselves ;-)

"I was very excited when I first stepped out of the airplane because London is one of the cities everyone wants to visit. The huge houses, the underground and the different people you saw impressed me because I love big cities but on the other hand it was a bit overwhelming. It was hot in London and you didn't only get to know the pretty rich side of London, but you also saw people that suffered a lot. Of course, you have to face reality and shouldn't close your eyes when it comes to poverty and addiction problems, but sometimes it felt like a sensory overload. Nevertheless, London is worth it and I'd love to go there again.
I'm glad I experienced such a great time in London and I already miss the Thames, the hop-on hop-off buses and St. Paul's Cathedral."
(Marin Papic)

"The class trip Mr. Deichl, Mr. Schmitt-Bohn and Ms. Pflüger took us on has probably been one of the greatest things that I have experienced in my school career so far. I have had a very nice time experiencing London in so many different ways: having a lot of free time for personal experience, spending time with friends but also laughing and bonding with people I have barely spoken to before (for example my teachers). In a very short time, even though the rooms were small and the crowds in the street so large, we have had a chaotic, wonderful, bonding and interesting trip that we will probably tell our kids about."
(Romy Mardaus)

"For six days, our teachers' program doomed us to hustle along the streets of London as though there was no tomorrow.
This constant rush not only allowed us to have the exact experience of a busy London inhabitant, but also let us lay our eyes upon as many London attractions and sights as one could possibly think of.
Thanks to our outstandingly marvellous arrangers, no one was left dissatisfied with our educational voyage that started with a trip through the splendidly gentrified area of Notting Hill, followed by a proper culture shock in sight of the number of red buses, a walk or lift by the previously mentioned vehicles over every Thames-crossing bridge imaginable, the visit of the memorable play 'The Mosuetrap' by Agatha Christie that left a particular member of our travelling fellowship in special amazement, to a jaunt to Brighton -including swift dip into the salty sea water for the weather didn't seem to lack generosity.
One of my personal unexpected favourite events in London turned on to be the Evensong at St. Paul's Cathedral, as the choral tones seemed to lure, draw and carry me in a way I've only ever experienced when listening to the Elvish 'Lord of the Rings' soundtrack.
As you may have noticed, I am indeed quite fond of our trip to London and I wish every student to have similar experiences in their school days."
(Sophia Tränkle)


L ovely
O verwhelming
N ew
D esirable
O pen-minded

(Marin Papic)

Free-style acrostic:

L iving in this city is like being put into a whirring beehive for good
O ld tube lines leading to old old bridges connecting old old old buildings, passing thousands of people, hidden by their hood of anonymity while having their own purpose nonetheless
N ever ceasing, humming sounds filling the space around oneself whenever making the attempt to find a moment of peace
Dusks and dawns being the only hours of tranqulity makes up for busy bodies buzzing around the rest of the time, as their enveloping beauty seems to transport one to another dimension
O verwhelming freedoms begin to show where obligations fade away and so - one begins to break. Break into laughter of liberty, those sound waves leading the way through the broad streets filled with life towards the next destination
N ever getting lost in that whirring beehive

(Sophia Tränkle)

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